Sites in the BWHazel Web Group are listed below by category.

Full Web Sites - Built by Benedict

Site Address Hosting Location Description
BWHazel eUKhost Server The personal web site of Benedict W. Hazel with details about him, his life and projects.
BWHazel Labs eUKhost Server Benedict's test project site where small tools and programs are posted for all to use.
BWHazel Web Group eUKhost Server A central hub for all Benedict's online sites and projects.
Four Forces eUKhost Server Four Forces, an electronica music album by Benedict inspired by the four forces of nature. Includes information on the forces and samples of the music.
NuGet Server eUKhost Server A server for the NuGet package manager with packages written by Benedict. Packages on this server are usually more specialised or modular versions published on the main feed.
Web API eUKhost Server A set of cloud-based RESTful web services offering functionality to third part sites and apps as well as being used on Benedict's own sites.


Site Address Hosting Location Description
Blog.BWHazel Google Blogger Benedict's personal blog.
Explorer.BWHazel Google Blogger Benedict's photo blog.

Open Source Software Projects

Site Address Hosting Location Description
AltCoinSamples GitHub Samples to demonstrate some of the fundamental techniques involved in cryptocurrencies.
AsmSharp GitHub An attempt to simulate assembly code as a .NET library.
Bool.h CodePlex Offers a simple, highly customisable implementation of the boolean data type for ANSI C.
CSharp6Demo GitHub Basic demos of the new features in C# 6 and ASP.NET 5.
Encounter GitHub Calculates the interaction energy between two molecules using the output from a Gaussian two-component counterpoise correction calculation.
FarragoJS CodePlex A set of simple JavaScript functions offering features ranging from useful to totally pointless!
GaussGraph CodePlex Converts GaussView graphical data to common formats and exports customised graphs for data visualisation.
Read CodePlex Simple GNU-Make-like tool for viewing Readme files with no fuss.

Public Media & Social Networking

Site Address Hosting Location Description
Instagram Feed Instagram Benedict's Instagram photo feed.
Pinterest Boards Pinterest Benedict's Pinterest boards.
Photo Album!AG4-GZbASascqFI Microsoft OneDrive Benedict's personal photo album.
Publications Issuu Benedict's written publications.
Score Exchange Compositions Score Exchange Benedict's music compositions. Creations Benedict's creations (mainly collages) on
SoundCloud Sounds SoundCloud Benedict's SoundCloud music uploads.
YouTube Channel YouTube Benedict's YouTube video channel.